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Sales conditions

Place & Delivery terms:

ExWorks Volos / Greece.

Payment terms:

100% via Bank transfer
  • 65 % at order confirmation.
  • 35 % once the machines are ready to be sent (before shipment).

Sales terms:

  • We reserve the right to adjust any equipment or turnkey processing line.
  • The manufacturer will hold property rights until the complete payment.
  • For the adjustment of the line in your premises the offer can change.
  • We decline any responsibility whatsoever if the installation and commissioning were made by other part.
  • We reserve the right to modify any machine or component, or to change the brand of motors, invertor’s e.t.c. without any previous notice.
  • Nuttech is a brand name of Kalle Konstantia private company.
Warranty period:

12 Months against any fault of manufacturing of the pieces, excluding the electrical components.

Validity of quotation:

30 Days.

Delivery time:

Depending on project, 10-280 Days after order confirmation and down payment, if the confirmation is within the validity of the quotation. If not, it depends on the quantity of work at order confirmation.

Do not include:

Transport, insurance and taxes. Packaging if needed.

Packaging if needed.

General conditions of installations:

It will be on the buyer’s account:

  • Technician/s inbound and outbound air tickets, local transport, daily maintenance and hotel accommodation.
  • The necessary number of local laborers.
  • Structure fixing for the machinery.
  • The discharge of the machinery and the situation at their premises.
  • Facilities and supplies necessary for operation, as compressed air, electrical installation, water, steam and gas supply, civil works, water pipeline, steam pipeline, electrical wiring, etc.
  • All materials, tools and equipment necessary for the installation and start up, as derrick, forklift, etc.
  • Light stabilizer.
  • Materials for the smoke, air, and pipelines for the particles extraction to the exterior of the premises.
  • Anything not mentioned in the offer.
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