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Professional complete hazelnuts processing lines

We offer a big variety of full automatic turnkey systems specialized in hazelnuts processing, shelling and packing. These turnkey projects consists of equipment such as reception hoppers, destoners, hullers, bucket conveyors, size separators, core crackers / shellers, thinkness separators, air aspirators, shells and dust removers, inspection tables, sizing decks, silos, gravity separators, vibrating or screw conveyors, color sorting machines, graders e.t.c. controlled by panels. Special metallic structure have been designed for easy maintance of the systems, easy access and hand protection. Our company is also giving advice about total facility constuction design.

The input processing capacity is:

  • 250 kg / h
  • 500 kg / h
  • 800 kg / h
  • 1000 kg / h
  • 2000 kg / h
  • 4000 kg / h

We also manufacture professional hazelnut processing lines according to clients request.

hazelnut floor plan