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Custom made Projects:

custome made design

We design personalized projects maximizing the performance of each production line, and develop productive processes adapted to the exact needs of our clients.

Installation, commissioning and training:


Nuttech offers commissioning services to ensure proper startup and integration of installing systems into your production facility. Since our service technicians and engineers routinely work on similar equipment in our own production facility, they are well versed in every facet of the operation and maintenance of our systems. As a result, our on-site commissioning services give you the assurance of properly functioning equipment and a smooth startup. On-site training permits your operations, maintenance, and IT personnel to gain an extra advantage when dealing with a new piece of equipment. In addition to covering the basic operating and maintenance parameters, our service technicians provide the necessary information for you to:

After Sales Support:

after sales

Nuttech assistance gives your company technical advice and solutions, and on-site services (repairs, maintenance) anywhere in the world.

Our engineers are ready to respond to any location, especially during critical harvest times. Our service crews perform on-site repairs ranging from replacing bearings and shafts to welding support frameworks.

Original Spare Parts:

Because we’ve been growing and processing tree nuts even longer than we’ve been making equipment, we know how important it is to keep everything running strong during harvest season. We understand the importance of processing operations running at full capacity. Our warehouse catalogs original spare parts, and with our state of the art machine shop, we are able to deliver a diverse selection of critical parts in a timely manner anywhere in the world.

spare parts